Cookies Policy

What Are Cookies?

Cookies are small pieces of information that websites may store in your browser when you visit a page in order to identify you as a unique visitor. This allows websites to provide enhanced functionality such as keeping you logged in or remembering your previous settings. Cookies may also be used to monitor site performance, as well as serve you more relevant advertisements or recommendations. In order to provide certain functionalities, like storing preferences or creating accounts, some cookies placed in your browser may contain personally identifiable information such as a user ID. The majority of cookies will only contain anonymous information such as how you arrived and navigated through the website.


What does Cloudersi Use Cookies For?

While cookies can serve many purposes, most cookies that may be found on our websites can fall into one of four categories:


1. Necessary

These are cookies that are used to provide some of the basic functionality of our website. For example, remembering your search criteria while you browse various products and listings, so you do not need to re-enter it each time. By disabling these cookies you may affect the designed performance of our websites.


2. Performance

Performance cookies allow us to review how visitors move around and interact with our websites. Examples include how long you may spend looking at a certain page and how you arrived at that page. Much of this functionality on our websites is provided by Google Analytics, if you wish to opt out of these cookies for our site and othersyoumayvisittheiropt out page.


3. Functionality

We use functional cookies to provide further customized content to you and other visitors. The cookies allow you to do such things as create an account so that you may save your favorite product comparisons or rate products and leave reviews. Some of these cookies may contain personally identifiable information such as your user ID or username. Not accepting these cookies may prevent you from being able to interact with certain custom areas of our websites.


4. Advertising

Advertising cookies may be used to provide you with more relevant advertising. For example, if you are visiting our cloud comparison, an advertiser may assume that you are interested in a new cloud and serve relevant advertisements for cloud buyers. We may use such cookies to remember which websites you have visited and may share this information with other parties such as advertisers and ad agencies, that could use it to serve more relevant advertisements to you on our websites as well as others you visit. These cookies may contain personally identifiable information such as your IP address in order to identify you across multiple websites.


Are There Any Third Party Cookies on Cloudersi Websites?

We work with advertisers, ad agencies and other providers who may also store cookies in your browser when you visit our network of websites. To see which advertisers may currently have placed cookies in your browser and opt out of certain cookies you may go here.


How Can I Block Cookies?

Most browsers have default settings to accept cookies, as they provide additionally functionality to many websites. However if you wish not to accept cookies you may find instructions on how you can reject cookies here. For European visitors you should see a notice when first visiting one of our websites, which explains that we may place cookies and provides options to block those cookies. If you continue to use our websites without clicking the accept button or making changes to your cookie preferences, then you are consenting to the placement of cookies in your browser. Remember that blocking cookies from our websites or at the browser level may significantly impact the functionality we may be able to provide to you.


Further Information

If you are not satisfied with some of the information you find here you may contact us with further questions or concerns.